The Moo Man is currently touring European and American film festivals, following its surprise Sundance Nomination. The child of Andy Heathcote and Heike Bachelier of Trufflepig Films, it tells the story of enterprising and renegade farming in the UK today, through the life and work of humane and charismatic farmer, Steve Hook. The film (and Steve himself) are fast becoming a marker for the condition and changing attitude of Uk farmers. At the same time, it's a very uplifting and often emotional tale of the relationship between one man and his animals, as he juggles the practical and human aspects of life as a humane farmer in a difficult and fast-changing time.

Much of the stills work was shot alongside Andy and Steve as they worked on the film. In contrast to work on larger film and TV sets with appointed, scheduled slots for photography, this was shot with a fair degree of spontaneity, making opportunities where they arose. And there were lots of them. Everyday at the farm there seems to be a different new story. It makes for hellish editing decisions!

Its my privilege to be credited stills photographer on this amazing documentary, and its an ongoing project. The publicity for the film is growing and there's a continuing requirement for updated stills. I'm finding that good production stills are being overlooked in small and medium scale film projects and that film publicity can suffer as a result. As an experienced location photographer with an understanding of the needs of Film and TV, and of the press and PR,  I can help to compile a vital archive of very accessible and stimulating publicity material that can't be easily made after shooting.

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