Custard was HUGE! I mean he wasn't just a very big cat who loved his food…he had a huge presence. 

I've always been fascinated with the "human" expressions that animals have. I noticed with the cows at Steve Hook's farm, that the more animals live in close and emotional contact with people, the more they seem to show a kind of recognisable emotional intelligence - especially in their expressions.

So Custard's grandiose presence oozes out of this picture. I know he's sorely missed, especially by Heike Bachelier (my friend, producer of many wonderful films, including the award-winning The Moo Man - see previous posts). It seemed fitting to place him as Lord of the Land of Sussex. 

I do take commissions for these animal portraits so do contact me if you'd like one made. Meanwhile, I'm founding a personal project that's an extension of these - Spirit of the Wolf

More on that soon