Well, it appears I may have missed most of the  amazing summer...can't complain though, as work has been so so busy. Is it really over? Has the sun finally set? 

I was thinking about sunsets and photographs of them. They're endlessly popular as picture subjects (I'm sure there's a statistic that says they're the most photographed subject ever) and I'll bet that they're up there with cats as the web's most popular images. 

I've tried to avoid photographing them for quite a few years (with exceptions - the midnight sun in Norway is just impossible to resist, and the "sunset" lasts for four or five hours) 

Brighton seems to have the most incredible sunset light , especially at this time of year and there are so many people with cameras on the beach as the orange glow spreads, it's stunning. Photography couldn't be more popular as a medium of expression than it is right now. It's all there on the beach as the sun goes down and that look comes into everyones' eyes.

But it's about the quality of the light more than the colour..and, more than that, its about the feeling that we hairless apes have when we watch the sun go down. That's what makes sunsets special. I feel like there's a "sunset expression"

I shot this image of Mumbi really quickly - five frames. I love the way the light complements her features and her expression. She's not outwardly a quiet thoughtful soul - always fizzing with exuberant energy. It was the sunset wot done it. 

So I put it up here just to say a big thank you for one of the best (if busiest!) summers for a while, and to say...IT'S NOT OVER! Not yet.

May the sun never set on you - not without asking permission first.